The Lowest Price Drugs in New York City …with Service.

Hep C dug education

If you think finding the lowest priced drugs in New York City means also finding a low standard of service, then we can definitely convince you otherwise.

Here at Kings Pharmacy in NYC, we pride ourselves on being part of the local community. We partake in community events and do sidewalk expos to educate locals about popular medical issues.

We want to support good health care provision to local New Yorkers, with a friendly smile from professional, helpful staff.

…And we also want to achieve all that in a way that is cost-effective for our customers.

We aren’t part of a large corporate chain, but with three branches – Kings Park Slope and Kings Drug and Surgical in Brooklyn, and Kings Third Avenue – we are accessible to a large number of people. In particular, we pride ourselves on our specialist pharmacy services. Ensuring the lowest priced drugs in NYC goes hand in hand with our disease management programs, offering patients a one-stop-shop for pharmacist advice and purchasing prescription medication. That saves time and money for our clients, leading to our high level of customer satisfaction.

For us, providing the lowest priced drugs in NYC is all about the service. Take our Hepatitis C program, for example. We provide emotional as well as pharmacist support to patients with Hep C. Knowing specialist pharmacy services are available for their condition, 24/7, is important to those coping with the stress of Hep C. Our professional and highly trained pharmacy staff will support patients discreetly, and provide advice and guidance.

We also want to ensure that the cost of the drugs isn’t another source of worry for patients. Hep C drugs in expensive New York City can amount to a fair bit of money, especially as patients need to take their medication for some time. This is why at Kings, at our Hep C pharmacies in New York City and in Brooklyn, we aim to provide the lowest cost Hep C drugs. Of course, we can’t provide drugs for free, but, as well as keeping our drug costs as low as possible, we also support patients in working out whether they are eligible for any of the co-op cards, or the patient assistance programs provided by some drug manufacturers to help with costs. There are also some Foundations that provide financial support. We help you in filling out the paperwork – it’s all part of the service we provide as part of the local health care community in Brooklyn and NYC.

So, Hep C patients in NYC can be confident knowing that they have a Hep C specialist pharmacy available in both NYC and in Brooklyn, able to ensure a professional, confidential and friendly service, as well as Hep C drugs that are as low cost as we can manage.

It doesn’t just end with Hep C treatments. We provide the same level of service across all our specialist programs, as well as our general pharmacy provision. Visit us at any of our three sites for advice from our knowledgeable staff, as well as access to the lowest cost drugs in NYC and Brooklyn.