Kings Pharmacy has been a valued member of the local health care community since 1935. With over 70 years of experience, Kings’ owners and highly trained staff works with patients, providers, and payers to ensure the utmost level of care. Patient satisfaction is our number one goal.

We provide personal care and 24/7 support that are backed by our high customer satisfaction rates and unmatched reputation. We believe in a patient-centered approach to healthcare that integrates physicians, pharmacists, and patients to provide a unique and comprehensive experience.

We offer management programs and support throughout treatment for a wide range of diseases to ensure our patients receive the utmost care.

We also have an extensive list of unique certifications and processes that distinguish our New York pharmacy and back our unmatched reputation.

For Doctors, Hospitals, and Students:

  • We maintain a 340B program with many local hospitals in the area, including New York Methodist Hospital, Kings County Hospital Center, SUNY Downstate, Brooklyn Hospital, and NYU Langone Medical Center, which allows us to offer discounted medications, simultaneously benefiting the patient and the hospital.
  • With a highly trained and qualified staff, Kings Pharmacy has a dedicated team to facilitate the prior authorization process on the doctor’s behalf for a variety of medications/disease states, including Hepatitis C, inflammatory conditions, and IVIG.
  • We proudly offer the only ASHP/APhA accredited PGY-1 community residency program in the NY metropolitan area.

For Patients:

  • As a dually-accredited specialty pharmacy, we offer a Commitment to Care Program which supports patients in taking an active role in managing his/her medications.
  • We offer on- and off-site patient education services in Brooklyn that are lead by clinical pharmacists to ensure that patients fully understand their medication regimen and that non-compliance or gaps in therapy are avoided.
  • We offer Financial Assistance to patients through enrollment in manufacturer patient assistance programs and foundations to assist uninsured patients and insured patients with high co-pays.
  • We have trained pharmacists and nurses on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to manage urgent requests and provide patient counseling when it is needed.