Cardiovascular health is extremely important for all patients, especially those who are elderly or have a family history of high blood pressure or diabetes. That is why Kings Pharmacy offers a walk-in service to patients Monday - Friday, 9-5 PM, to have your blood pressure evaluated.

This service is for any patients who have high blood pressure, are in danger of developing high blood pressure, or simply do not feel "normal" that day and want get their blood pressure checked. All screenings are done by a pharmacist or pharmacy intern, who can also answer any questions you have about your blood pressure medications. To keep a record of all patients, there is a sign-in sheet for the patient to print their name, telephone number and the blood pressure reading from that day. All patients will leave the session knowing what their blood pressure goal should be for their circumstance. If it is found that blood pressure is abnormal for that patient, a follow-up phone call will be made to the within two weeks. Educational handouts will be given regarding diet and exercise, when deemed necessary. A personalized monitoring card will be given to you to keep track of your blood pressure readings and to show your doctor at your next visit. Referrals to the doctor or emergency room will be made if the pharmacist or pharmacy intern believes your pressure is too high.

It is very important to check your blood pressure on a daily basis if you have high blood pressure, so if you do not own your own machine or do not feel comfortable checking your own pressure at home, we are happy to provide the service for you.

Come in today for your free blood pressure screening and consultation with a pharmacist!